Why Kate Middleton is called a bad mother after the Christmas celebrations. There are several reasons for this

Many fans of the royal family took up arms against Kate Middleton after the Christmas service in Sandringham.

All three children of the Prince and Princess of Wales were present at the event.Everything seemed fine, the family was in good spirits and so were the objects.

However, after the service, Kate Middleton was called a bad mother. This primarily concerns her youngest son, Prince Louis. Why did they criticize the princess and is it fair, let’s talk later.

Usually, Kate Middleton is praised for raising children and for maintaining a healthy atmosphere in the Welsh family.

However, this time the fans have found something to complain about.They accused Kate of being irresponsible towards the health of her children, particularly her youngest son, Louis.

All members of the Welsh family were dressed rather warmly for the Christmas service. Sandringham is cool at the moment about 12 degrees Celsius.

And if Kate attended the event in a long coat and high boots, then 4-year-old Louis showed his bare legs in shorts. Users note that the boy was obviously not wearing weather clothes.

Charlotte was in warm tights, George and William in trousers. But why, then, did the youngest have to chill in shorts, fans wonder. Actually, it’s not a fact that Louis was really cold. And there is an explanation for it.

Why does Louie wear shorts in all weathers?

You may have noticed that Louis is wearing shorts in all the pictures of the events.The thing is, the royal family has a long tradition of requiring all boys under the age of eight to wear shorts to official events.

After the 8th birthday, you can already wear pants.And such a fate was not only for Louis. Charles,

who is now king, also only wore shorts until the age of eight. William and Harry also followed this tradition.

The British etiquette specialist commented on the situation. ‘Pants are for boys and adults, and shorts are for boys.

It’s one of those unspoken signs of the upper class that we have in England,’ he said.

Probably shouldn’t hate Kate Middleton for this and call her a bad mother. In her turn, the princess just did everything to warm the boy, but not to break the tradition. So Louis wore a coat that practically covered his knees. He also wore long socks.

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Why Kate Middleton is called a bad mother after the Christmas celebrations. There are several reasons for this
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