Вс. Июл 21st, 2024

The story of a German stewardess became famous ten years ago. Then she had bust enlargement surgery and could not stop.

After increasing her bust to size 13, she also reduced her waist to an hourglass shape.

As to look like a Barbie, she had her nose decreased and her hips enlarged. But all this seemed not to be enough to Martina, and she wanted to become blackskined.

She began to visit the solarium often, but the result did not impress her, so they began to inject melatonin under her skin. as a result, she changed her skin color.

After changing her skin color, she also changed her hair color. Her snow-white long hair didn’t match her black skin, so she decided to darken it.

Today it is difficult for this burning African woman to be noticed as a white-skinned and pretty German woman.