Чт. Май 23rd, 2024

29 years old, a couple of dozen extra pounds and an escaped «groom» Italian — not a pleasant baggage for a Russian girl. But often, life throws up trouble in order to generously bestow later. And now a worthy and decent man from Nigeria is walking along in life. All I had to do was check for spam email.

Accidentally found a letter and away we go

5 years ago, Irina Sirotina from Ufa has not yet recovered from an unsuccessful relationship with an Italian macho and even fell into depression because of this. But life gave her a new chance. A chance to find female happiness with another foreigner.

“I went to check my email, and there was a newsletter from a dating site. I thought: strange, because I didn’t register there. Let me, I think, I’ll come in, I’ll take a look — it’s not just that she flew to me, ”Irina shares her story.

Irina went to the site, where she found a message from Emmanuel Oja from Nigeria.

“I didn’t even have anything serious in my thoughts, I thought, I’ll practice my English and say goodbye,” says Irina.
But it was not possible to improve English, because it turned out that the guy was fluent in Russian. Yes, and he lives much closer — in Russia, and not in Africa. Only in another city.

Found a reason to unusually call for marriage

He is graduating from university in Belgorod. She works as a hairdresser in Ufa. But the relationship of two lovers at a distance only grew stronger. It is good that in the modern world there are mobile phones, instant messengers, social networks and Skype.

“We talked all day and all night long, talked about everything in the world, spent all the evenings on Skype. I even taught him how to cook via Skype: how to fry pancakes and chicken, bake muffins, ”says Irina.

We went to meet our relatives, but stayed in Nigeria for 2 years

The couple formalized their relationship and got married as soon as Emmanuel graduated from high school. However, the groom’s relatives could not attend the event. In Nigeria at that time there was an epidemic of the Ebola virus. But the newlyweds were not upset and, at the first opportunity, went to get acquainted with their husband’s relatives themselves.

They moved to Nigeria and for two years built their family happiness in a sultry African country, surrounded by the Emmanuel family.

“He has a wonderful family, friendly, cheerful. I am glad that I found a common language with everyone, ”says Irina.
By the way, the magnificent forms of the daughter-in-law of her husband’s relatives only pleased. Indeed, in Nigeria it is considered: the more a woman is, the easier it is for her to bear a child. Thin girls are even specially fattened there. Especially before the wedding. Needless to say, the wives of all Emma’s brothers are also ladies in the body?

Dream of children and happy together

After living in Nigeria, the couple returned to Russia again. For living together, they chose Irina’s hometown — Ufa. The couple strive to get back on their feet as soon as possible, get stronger financially and have two children, Victoria and William.

The couple even managed to start a family tradition: every year Irina gives her husband a birthday cake with a candle for his birthday in the morning.

Emmanuelle, in turn, presents her beloved with flower bouquets, although this is not customary in Nigeria.

Well, Irina, meanwhile, refreshed her image, attends master classes in drawing pictures, knits clothes for her goddaughter and touchingly congratulates her beloved husband on Instagram on his anniversary.

“So 4 years have flown by. We have become so accustomed to each other that sometimes it seems that it cannot be otherwise. And, despite the hardships, I want to thank fate for you and you for fate, ”Irina writes on her page.
Life is still an incredibly interesting thing and sometimes twists such scenarios that no film can compare. The main thing is that there is love in it! And it doesn’t matter at all what difficulties, conventions and stereotypes need to be overcome for family happiness.