Ср. Июл 24th, 2024

Lance therefore understood exactly what to do to put Lucy to sleep when she claimed one night that she wasn’t tired.

Lance, now a husband and father of two, was prepared to hold his loving mother in his arms and start dancing as soon as Megan Traynor’s son “Dear Husband” started to play.

Lance’s daughter cheered from the side as the rest of the family recorded the adorable moment as the two danced beautifully together.

They dance beautifully, but they also have very entertaining facial expressions.

That’s what happened to people who can’t fall asleep in Louisiana, Lucy says as she turns to face the camera halfway through the song.

Millions of people watched the video shortly after it went online, and thousands of them shared it after falling in love with the mother and son dancers. It’s obvious that Lucy is pleased to dance with her son and that Lance is pleased to work with her.

Near the end of the dance, Lucy says something that causes the entire family to laugh so hard that Lance has to collapse to the floor. Together, these two are so much fun!

The video below shows a mother and son sharing a sweet moment.