Вс. Июл 21st, 2024

This Coca-Cola ad from 1979 has been listed as one of the best (if not the best) Super Bowl ad of all time. Although it debuted in October, it wasn’t until it played during the game that it became so popular.

Now, almost 40 year later, Tommy Okon, the now-grown man who played the 9-year-old boy reunited with Hall-Of_Famer “Mean” Joe Greene to reminisce about their time together.

Greene mentions that he guzzled 18 bottles of Coke during the filming of the ad. “I didn’t know any better. I chugged the doggone thing over and over and over.”

“Not so mean, this guy,” said Okon.

That ad still brings a smile to my face. It’s so well done, it could probably still run today!