Ср. Июн 19th, 2024

Animal Planet posted a video of their YouTube channel called “Untamed and Uncut – Chimp Rescue.” In 1990, a new chimp exhibit had been introduced at the Detroit Zoo, and Rick Swope brought his family. Swope would have no idea how his day would end up. Swope and his family made their way to the chimpanzee area when a loud splash was heard. A chimpanzee had fallen into a moat that surrounded the exhibit.

Chimpanzees can’t swim and they don’t float. Chimps are mostly muscle and don’t have the body fat like that of a human which helps create buoyancy. When Swope saw the chimp, named JoJo, that had fallen, he knew he had to take action or JoJo would drown. He said, “This chimp had his hands up and his head was sticking out of the water. He was looking at the crowd. It was like he wanted someone to rescue him.”

Zookeepers and zoo personnel warned visitors to stay back. But when Swope realized no one was going into the exhibit to save JoJo, he jumped into the water.It was a struggle, but Swope managed to bring JoJo to the edge of a bank, saving its life.

It’s unclear if JoJo passed away or relocated, but he’s no longer at the Detroit Zoo.

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