Чт. Май 23rd, 2024

A lady’s character is to grow long curls for years before quickly cutting it off! However, as you are aware, change always sparks something new and acts as a powerful motivator to act.

Look at this gorgeous lady with the long hair! However, Arevik ultimately decided that she wanted drastic changes, so she went to the hairdresser Anzhelika Grechkina, who was more than happy to help her.

First, the length needs to be reduced. Shortly after, a thick and weighty mass of hair fell to the ground. The stylist worked hard to give the woman’s hair the desired and lovely shape, giving her the anticipated makeover.

The styling stage follows. The result was hair that was silky and shiny.

The result is shown here! Arevik will probably need some time to adjust to the new hairstyle after the first length, but liking your reflection in the mirror should come first!

The new haircut updated the appearance to be more fashionable.