Вс. Июн 16th, 2024

Heather Hamm was certain that she wanted to act as a foster parent for a dog. On a recent evening when she was at her apartment in New York City, she started looking online for foster care placements and weighing her options to see which one could be most suitable.

It was not until Hamm opened Instagram that everything appeared to fall into place. Almost immediately, she came upon a sign that made her halt in her tracks. A image of a stray dog that was left behind was posted on a profile that generally offers free stuff that can be found lying about on the streets of New York City. The dog was tethered to a pole near a subway station. Hamm felt a pull in her heart as she looked at the picture, and she immediately knew what she needed to do.

“I just had this overwhelming sense that it was a sign that I needed to go and get her!” As Hamm explained it to The Dodo.

Hamm said, “I made a deal with myself that if an hour passed and no one had found her, then I would leave.” “After a half an hour had passed, I checked the comments for any new information; however, nobody had managed to get her yet. Therefore, I decided to simply take a risk and jump in a taxi so that I could at least check it out.

Hamm struggled to come to terms with the gravity of the situation as she got closer to her goal. Despite the fact that she had a deep affection for canines, she had never tried to save one of them on her own.

“On the ride over, everything that could go wrong really sunk in,” Hamm said. “It was a very sobering experience.” “Even though I was positive that I wanted to save her, I was a little anxious about what I might be getting myself into by attempting to do so.”

It turned out that Hamm had no need to be concerned. When she was eventually able to approach the dog, the cheerful puppy greeted her by joyfully rolling over and licking Hamm’s face as soon as she arrived.

“Any nerves I had about how I was going to figure this out were gone,” Hamm said. “Any nerves I had about how I was going to figure this out.” “I couldn’t believe how quickly and easily she adjusted to our relationship!”

Hamm was granted permission to take the dog home by the police officers who had come on the site to investigate the incident. To her good fortune, she had prepared her flat for the arrival of a new furry roommate before she left for her trip. Peaches, the puppy, was quickly loaded into the vehicle with Hamm as they made their way away from the danger.

When Hamm found out that Peaches was, in fact, exactly as sugary as her initial impression led her to believe, she was overjoyed. The two became fast friends in a short amount of time.

Hamm said that she has a warm and welcoming demeanor. “She was already familiar with a number of orders, and she pays close attention. In point of fact, she is an exceptionally well-behaved dog. She like doing cute things like snuggling, playing fetch, and going for walks at the park, and her stuffed monkey is her all-time favorite toy.

Even though it breaks her heart to think that she won’t be able to keep Peaches forever, Hamm is certain that she made the correct decision when she called a taxi that evening.

Peaches is now through the adoption process in order to become a member of her permanent family. She is pleased to have such a dedicated foster mom watching out for her, so for the time being, she is keeping herself occupied by receiving all the hugs and walks her heart could possibly want.