Пт. Июл 19th, 2024

How fortunate Ryan is! You cannot help but be moved by the sight of Blake in a bikini.

Blake Lively made the most of the pre-Labor Day summer months by releasing her own hump day thirst-trap bikini photo, which showed her poolside in a short-sleeved white top and slim bottoms that highlighted her toned midsection. She specifically included her spouse, Ryan Reynolds, in the post, writing, “summer lovin’…had me a blast.”

So’s unclear if she did it to get his attention or to acknowledge him as her photographer. It is possible that this is a continuation of Lively and Reynolds’ history of trolling one another on social media. On September 9, Lively and Reynolds will mark their tenth anniversary of marriage. Together, the couple has three daughters: James, age 7, Inez, age 5, and Betty, age 2. Reynolds and Lively frequently make fun of each other in their captions, but on Mother’s Day of last year, he published a post that was unusually honest (for him, at least) about the influence Lively has had on him.

“It needs to be said again… You are the center of every experience this family has, he said. “I’m appreciative of the love and light you smuggle into every second of our lives. I recognize you in our kids’ eyes.

every chuckle Every flinch and vulnerable moment of contemplation. The bravery and strength it takes to be a mother in 2021 is nothing short of heroic. I could never have imagined that this would result from anonymous airport toilet sex. Or how you would ask Dog The Bounty Hunter to look for me. In either case, I’m fortunate to reflect some of the light you shine on us all. My darling, happy Mother’s Day.