Вс. Апр 21st, 2024

Out of the 1960s came dozens of classic songs sung by legendary artists, including The Righteous Brothers.

The 1960s were the decade marked by the John F. Kennedy administration, a walk on the moon, hippies, free love and the Vietnam War. It was also during the 1960s when the Supremes stated, “You Can’t Hurry Love,” Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones said they could get no “Satisfaction” and a guy named Elvis Presley could not help himself from falling in love with you.

Also, The Righteous Brothers first sang about an “Unchained Melody” and told everyone that “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in the 1960s.

The clip posted to YouTube shows The Righteous Brothers performing their classic, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” on The Ed Sullivan Show on Nov. 7, 1965. The clip begins with the crowd applauding wildly for the talented duo.

Moments later, the music starts, and the two gentlemen sing their tune about persevering through times.

The short and sweet, but positive song encourages people to keep their heads held high while enduring difficult circumstances. The lyrics also push listeners to remember that they do not go through those situations by themselves.

The song’s second verse mentions that life will not be fun at times but to always continue moving forward. It adds that even “your dreams will be tossed and blown.” However, the song ends on an optimistic note that through everything, “you’ll never be alone.”

“With hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone
You’ll never walk alone”

The short clip ends just as it began, with the audience clapping and cheering for The Righteous Brothers.

James 1:12 “There is a blessing on the man who undergoes testing; because, if he has God’s approval, he will be given the crown of life, which the Lord has said he will give to those who have love for him.”