Ср. Июл 24th, 2024

Emily is seen here striking a pose in front of a bridge while wearing a sultry bikini.

The attractive model also published images of herself wearing a crop top and cargo leggings while relaxing on a New York City sidewalk.

Emily Ratajkowski, who is 31 years old, published a series of especially seductive images on her Instagram account on April 27. In the photographs, the model can be seen posing in a number of outfits, one of which is a red patterned bikini from her swimwear brand. This particular bikini exposes the girl’s back end in its entirety.

as she stayed in New York City, she was in the state of New York. She had her long hair down, various necklaces and jewelry on, and was standing in front of a bridge with the water visible behind her.

In addition, the model sported a bikini with a leopard design, a short skirt, jeans, a crop top with a red pattern, cargo trousers in a light brown color, and white sneakers. At one point in time, she rocked a pair of sunglasses, and her makeup was amazing, drawing attention to all of her best attributes. In some of the photographs, she is also seen with her hair pulled back.

Emily promoted her swimwear line by adding the words “city girls all new swim for your summer @inamoratawoman” to the photo she posted on Instagram. After she shared the photographs, her devotees didn’t waste any time in showering her with compliments.

One of her supporters referred to her as “the woman who beautifies my world with her smile and beauty,” while another simply referred to her as “beautiful.”

The most recent shot of Emily was taken approximately two weeks after she stunned in photographs for the Marc Jacobs campaign. She appeared without a shirt and wore high-waisted pants in a number of the images that were taken throughout the shoot.

She also appeared in the other photographs wearing crop tops, jeans, and skirts, and she gave the camera a variety of serious expressions.

Spain was the location of one of her other picture shoots, which she did around the same period. Because of this, she was completely unrecognizable as she strutted around with short blonde hair and a fringe and holding white plastic bags.

In addition, she donned a subdued costume that consisted of a knee-length white skirt, a white shirt with a collar, and a brown cardigan that she put over the top. She finished off the look with a pair of black slip-on shoes with short heels and bows at the front of the shoes.