Чт. Июл 18th, 2024

More than 40 years have passed since the death of rock and country music legend Elvis Presley. Lisa Marie, Elvis’ daughter, works hard to carry on her father’s legacy. In 2018 Lisa Marie went to the vocal booth and recorded a song with some old material from her dad.

She took the voice of Elvis from Where No One Stands Alone and added her own flavor to it. Lisa Marie always looks to her father for motivation. “It was a very powerful and moving experience singing with my dad,” Lisa Marie wrote in the album’s liner notes, according to USA Today. “The lyrics speak to me and touch my soul.

I’m sure the lyrics spoke to my father the same way. The song was a way for her to feel a connection with her father. Lisa Marie was able to create a classic song with the help of her father. When you listen to the duet, you can instantly tell that Lisa is her father’s daughter. Their voices fit so well with the song that you would think they recorded the song together in the studio.
The new duet with Elvis and Lisa Marie is definitely something not to be missed! We really feel Lisa Marie putting all her heart into it!
You can hear the track for yourself in the video below What do you think of this duet? Do you think their voices fit together well?

Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass it along to all Elvis fans – a new duet of Elvis and his daughter is sure to make their day.