Чт. Май 23rd, 2024

One of the most well-known women in the world is 47-year-old Angelina Jolie.

Internet users keep a careful eye on her social activities even if she is acting in movies less and less.

It’s interesting to note that Angie resisted creating her own social media page until lately. However, the star eventually gave up.

She does, however, primarily post pictures from her charity travels there.

However, Angelina recently gave her followers a surprise.

She shared a very intriguing old photo in which she posed with her mother as a newborn. The celebrity focused the message on the significance of routine body checks.

In her own words, Jolie will get to the age her mother received a bad prognosis in less than a month.

The star claims that despite having already undergone preventive surgery, she still performs routine body checks.

Angelina urged her followers to adopt the same ethical stance.

Internet users, however, were more intrigued by the image. Jolie, who had blonde hair as a toddler, was completely unknown to them.

Internet users commented on the image, calling Angelina and her mother both “such stunningly beautiful women,” and calling the child “a real little angel.”