Вт. Июн 25th, 2024

Babies adore music, as evidenced by the abundance of clips available on the internet. When that beat starts, babies from all over the world start bopping around, making us all smile. Music is a powerful force, even for the smallest of us.

Baby Ethan is gaining popularity on YouTube. At his father’s last concert, the 17-month-old child charged the stage. When Ethan’s father, country singer Coffey, took the stage at a NYE event, he had no idea what was going on.

Coffey stood onstage, acoustically playing an upbeat song while the audience clapped. Although the auditorium was packed, one fan stole the show. Baby Ethan dashed out onto the stage to wrap his arms around his father’s legs.

The audience reacted with a collective ‘Awww,’ and Coffey continued to smile and sing. The audience cheers louder as Ethan moves away and begins waving his hand in the air. While his baby steals the show, Coffey continues to sing like a true professional. When the audience notices the little guy who can’t stop being cute, they start cheering louder and louder.

He keeps playing and looks over at his son, who is smiling and bouncing on the stage. The baby returns to his mother offstage and gives her a fist bump.At the end of the song, tiny Ethan runs back out to his father. Coffey expresses gratitude to the cheering and clapping crowd for baby Ethan. The entire video is one heartwarming clip that will make you smile.