Чт. Май 23rd, 2024

When twins are born, parents are overjoyed. And, while it is uncommon in general, what can be said when there are more offspring? As in this example, when the mother gave birth to nine children at the same time.

A twenty-five-year-old girl from one of the West African countries, of course, could not even imagine that she would become a mother of such a large family at once, five girls and four boys.

This is so unusual that the pregnant girl was observed by doctors from a different, more developed country in terms of medical. It was feared that if a young lady gave birth normally, her children would perish. When the young ones weighed more than 500 grams each, it was necessary to do a cesarean section. Everything went according to plan.

But of course, they were not so viable yet and were already growing their term in special conditions. The young mom is just insanely happy. She takes care of them and sees that they are getting stronger. And she really wants to go home already.

They should be released soon and they will go home. All the little ones are developing normally and no longer need cameras. Their birth was in the summer and all this time they reached the norm in the clinic.