Ср. Июл 24th, 2024

Enzo, the boy, is a year and a half old.

Carolina Giraldelli was taken aback when he was born since the infant had a large birthmark on his face.

Enzo was later discovered to have a congenital melanocytic nevus.

It appears in the early stages of fetal development and is completely innocuous.

Everything was great, but the fact that her child was met with pitying stares from some, contempt from others, and disgust from others made the woman very distressed.

Carolina did everything she could to show everyone that her child is just like everyone else, that he is healthy, and that he is not a danger to society.

The woman decided for herself: “From now on, I have to become a different person who will be much stronger, more fearless, and bolder.

A man who is ready to face all the obstacles that my son will face in the future.”

To feel how her baby will be in the future, she drew the same birthmark on her face and walked like that all day.

This experiment gave her a lot of emotions: both positive and negative.

But her biggest emotion, at that moment, was pride.

She felt like “the proudest mother in the world.”

Carolina posted their joint photos on social networks and was very surprised when a sea of compliments and a lot of words of support from complete strangers literally fell on them.

The happy mother understood, she did everything right.