Вт. Июн 18th, 2024

Sheila Marsh has worked at Haydock Park Racecourse since she was 21.

Horses have always played an important role in her life – especially Bronwen, whom Sheila has nurtured, raised and loved since childhood.

They have been together for almost 20 years.

Everyone was moved to tears when the horse came to say goodbye to her dying owner

Unfortunately, in her old age, 77-year-old Marsh was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

On her deathbed, she expressed one single wish: to see her beloved horse Bronwen once more.

Sheila’s health worsened every day, and her daughter Tina Marsh asked for help from the hospital staff in Wigan (England), where she was lying.

The doctors readily responded and said that they would help fulfill the last wish of the dying woman.

They took Sheila’s gurney to the parking lot, where all her favorite horses were waiting for the former caretaker.

Of course, among them was Bronwen.

Everyone was moved to tears when the horse came to say goodbye to her dying owner

When Bronwen approached her, Sheila was on cloud nine.

With the last of her strength, she whispered the name of the horse, and Bronwen buried her nose in her cheek.

According to Tina:

“Mom had a hard time talking on her last day, but she clearly called Bronwen by name and asked to kiss her.”

Bronwen leaned over and gently kissed Sheila goodbye.

At the sight of this touching picture, Tina could not hold back her tears.

“I sobbed, and all the nurses also sobbed. She received solace, it was such a beautiful moment! She had a special relationship with Bronwen. She took care of her for 18 or 19 years, since Bronwen was 7. It touched us all, it was very important.”

It is amazing how strong feelings arise between living beings – both people and horses.

And it seems that we live for those who are in our hearts, and this spiritual intimacy knows no bounds.

Apparently, Sheila couldn’t leave without saying goodbye.