Чт. Июн 20th, 2024

Chloe Cherry a girl who participated in the season 2 of Euphoria confessed about her problems while taking part in p оrns

Before being filmed in the parts of Euphoria in the 2nd season the actress was seen in different movies in genre of pornography,

during that period she acquired various health problems such as eating disorder as her body was tortured.

By that time she was about 18 and the agent she had at that time remarked that she was too fat for filming at that she should lose some weight as an ‘’advice’’ he added that the most effective way can be considered not eating at all.

She also commented that maybe she obeyed as it was young and previously ever thought that she could be fat or even no one said a word about smth like that.

She also added that only one glass of green drink or an apple was enough for that, and that helped her to lose weight. Passed some time, and she lost weight,

but she finally talked to his friend and decided to give up on being vegan, counting calories and being obsessed with eating everything was even better she started noticing some other changes in her skin tone,

and she started loving herself and more she looked prettier and healthier.

She asked about the cast on Euphoria as well and remarked that it was really fantastic and that the director saw her on an Instagram account.