Вт. Июн 18th, 2024

Hey world this genius now has become a father for the second time, let’s congratulate him

Recently, Mask’s ex-girlfriend announced that they have a surprise for the world and that was their second child. They welcomed their little girl.

This was not a surprise for his new girlfriend,

as she told him that she was aware of Masks’ relationships and about his three-month-old second child, and she was happy that he became a father for the second time.

She is also an actress, and she was born in Australia.

Natasha told that Elon was honest about his decision to have another baby, and she was not against it, as she knows that that baby girl was born in December 2021.
Natasha read that games told in one of her interviews that they were still in a relationship when they were dating,

but she refused that information, telling that she was ever of what is going on around. She told that that was not a real relationship they were meeting as they were going to have a baby ad they could not be without any touch.

And also she added that it was ok for such a good decision.

But the girl who was the one to give birth to the baby girl told that she and E have broken up again after discovering that he had a romance with Natasha.