Чт. Май 23rd, 2024

Cage Nicolas with his current wife were waiting for a kid and after the announcement they 1stly appeared in public together

Nicolas Cge’s wife is Riko Sh. the lady is 27, and currently she is pregnant the pair publicly told about their new condition some month ago, and now they were shining in the carpet looking live to be very joyful happy and full of love.

The lady was wearing a midi black dress, which looked pretty good on her new body shape. She also was wearing a massive and shining necklace which was stealing the attention of the press and people.

She didn’t wear a lot of make up and allowed her inner and natural beauty to be shown she had just a little dark lipstick, and it went well with her look. Rico is the 5th partner for the actor,

but he announced that he is happy and now satisfied as found his true love and the only one who seems to him to be perfect matching for him.

It can be also mentioned of this pair that they started dating with the help of their friends, and they found each other in Japan while filming and taking part in a film in Japan.

Another interesting thing was that they got engaged very unexpectedly while a via videochat, they were far away and just decided to got marry not to be far anymore.