Вс. Май 26th, 2024

Many dogs have a favorite, well-loved toy they wouldn’t give up for anything. That was the case for one sweet golden retriever, who wouldn’t go anywhere without his favorite stuffed dog.

That is, until his owners surprised him with something even better, a heartwarming surprise caught in a viral video.

Molson the golden retriever always carries around his favorite toy, a stuffed dog named Kelsie. According to People, his family gave him the stuffed animal after he and his siblings went to separate homes and he quickly became attached.

Molson never went without his beloved toy, and it seemed like the stuffed golden was fulfilling his need for companionship with other dogs.

So, his family decided to get him the one thing even better than his favorite stuffed animal — a new puppy sister!


Molson’s family, the the Deverys of Maui, Hawaii, recorded the heartwarming moment they surprised their dog with the new puppy, named Posie, tucked in a laundry basket.

Molson is immediately in love with the new arrival, and drops his stuffed pup for the real thing. The puppy looks just like Kelsie, and it’s as if his stuffed animal has come to life. He showers a lot of love on Posie, giving her little doggy kisses, his tail excitedly wagging the whole time.


According to People, Molson is sometimes home alone while his family is at school and work, so the puppy will provide him with companionship.

The sweet TikTok video has now gone viral with over 2.3 million views, winning hearts everywhere. “Thank you for sharing this precious moment in Molson’s life. Absolutely beautiful,” one commenter wrote.

“Such happiness from that sweet boy! He’ll be the best big brother,” another wrote. “No more loneliness when you are all gone. Best gift ever!”

Watch the video below:

What a heartwarming video! We know that Molson is going to love his new baby sister Posie so much, even more than he loves his stuffed dog!

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