Пн. Июн 24th, 2024

But when a disaster strikes, it’s easy to forget that it’s not just us humans who need to make our way to safety. Our four-legged friends also need help to escape.


When reporter Gina Silva and her team roamed the streets in the fire-ravaged area, they found a house that was in a horrible state.

A horse, Kenny, had tried to escape from his stable, but got stuck in a wall just outside and couldn’t break free.

Gina and her team couldn’t rescue Kenny alone with all the flames and smoke making it difficult to see. And all the firemen nearby were needed to fight the growing flames. But the rescuers managed to do something else instead. Gina used her huge reach as a journalist and posted a message on Twitter:


It proved to be a smart move.

Within just 20 minutes people from all over the city had seen the message and were offering help. A vet gave Kenny some tranquilisers, and together the rescuers broke the wall until the hole became big enough for Kenny to get through.


Kenny, who is 23 years old, was taken to a veterinary clinic where he could recover in peace. After that it didn’t take long for him to be reunited with his owner, and now Kenny is doing well.

How lucky that this terrifying incident had a happy ending. Thanks to Gina who was in the right place at the right time – and acted quickly!

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