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It’s always heartwarming to see friendships blossom between different animals. Sometimes friendships transcend species.

That’s the lesson of one heartwarming video, showing the loving bond between a fawn and a raccoon, who formed a friendship after both losing their own families.

Carrie Long runs a nonprofit sanctuary for orphaned deer called Texas Fawn and Friends. But while deer are her specialty, her rescue is also home to a friendly raccoon named Jasper.

Jasper is enjoying his lunch, soon after this, you will find him in his hammock, fast asleep curled in a ball. Jasper…

Posted by Texas Fawn and Friends on Thursday, June 10, 2021

According to The Dodo, Jasper was found when he was just a few weeks old, alone in a rainstorm after being abandoned by his mother, barely clinging to life. “We weren’t sure he was was going to make it,” Carrie told The Dodo.

But she took the raccoon in and cared for him, and thankfully the little animal pulled through. Carrie soon fell in love: “His eyes had just opened. And he was the cutest thing ever,” she told NBC DFW.

Jasper life ❤️Happy Friday Everyone 💥

Posted by Texas Fawn and Friends on Friday, May 20, 2022

Ever since, the raccoon has stuck around. Jasper has reached adulthood, and Carrie says he has “free choice” to go out on his own, but he chooses to stay, enjoying treats like cat food and Rice Krispies.

He also enjoys playing with the orphaned fawns who come to Carrie’s sanctuary. Since Jasper was also orphaned and rescued, it’s as if he’s paying it forward by caring for these deer.

Jasper formed a special bond with a fawn named Hope, who arrived shortly after he did. According to Texas and Fawn and Friends, she was taken in after her mother was found dead on the road.

This is Hope !! She came to us from a young couple who had raised her after finding her mom dead on the road! She fits…

Posted by Texas Fawn and Friends on Monday, August 2, 2021

Whenever Jasper sees Hope, he runs up to her and hugs her, letting her know she’s not alone.

“Jasper just loves her,” Carrie told The Dodo. “When he sees her, he runs to lick and love on her. It’s just the cutest thing.”

She shared a heartwarming video of the two in action, which has gone viral online:

Carrie said that Jasper is the more affectionate one in the friendship, but that Hope is always patient and accepting with the raccoon’s hugs.

“Jasper is kinda like that irritating little brother that you just gotta put up with him. And he has just become very infatuated with Hope. When he sees her, he runs and jumps on her and she just deals with it,” she told NBC.


She also said that she was surprised by how popular the video had become, and only realized Jasper and Hope had gone viral after her daughter pointed it out.

But it’s not surprising that people love this adorable friendship. We hope these two orphaned animals stay friends for years to come.

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