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Belinda Love Rygier, an Australian reality TV personality, claims that her sex addiction “ruled her life” and caused her to have sex with over 700 men.

She described how she overcame her addiction and resumed living a regular life.


Belinda “Love” Rygier, who launched her television career by competing on The Bachelor Australia’s 2017 season, revealed that she is pursuing a rehabilitation plan and has been single for 15 months.

The 38-year-old woman revealed that she formerly went out six nights a week solely to look for new sexual partners.

The Australian presenter admitted that there were no such things as dating apps when she was in the height of her addiction.

She's a TV celebrity who has relationships with over 700 men.

Confessions of a Former Sex Addict

Belinda was invited to a radio show and confessed that she “didn’t realize she had a problem until she healed from it,” according to Mirror.

“When I recovered, I was convinced that there was an unresolved trauma from my past that caused my sex addiction,” she said.

Although her sex addiction had taken over her life, the woman says she was a “functional addict,” with a successful career that operated smoothly, keeping her secrets hidden.

She's a TV celebrity who has relationships with over 700 men.

The TV Star says she has “lost count” of the number of men she has slept with over the years but is certain it has exceeded “the figure of 700.”

However, she said she is “not ashamed” of the number of sexual partners she has had and still has a “high sexual desire.”

“Men were very good at telling me what I wanted to hear; it was about feeling beautiful, validated, and loved, rather than making love,” she said.

Why she is now practicing sexual abstinence
Belinda continued, “Society has declined, and we use sex for the wrong reason, which is quick or momentary validation from others.”

She confessed that she can no longer engage in sexual activities without having a strong emotional connection. “I will have sex again, but with someone, I have a connection with.”

The TV star is now a “love guru” on social media and often appears on media programs to offer words of wisdom to her thousands of followers.

She's a TV celebrity who has relationships with over 700 men.