Вт. Июн 25th, 2024

All dogs deserve a warm home with food, fun and lots of love. But sometimes it takes a hero or two to make it happen.

When a beautiful lab and hound mix was spotted on the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa, no one could figure out what the strange bumps on her ears and around her eyes.

But luckily, some animal lovers from an organization called CLAW took matters into their own hands and brought her to an animal hospital. And what the vets discovered was shocking.

Image Source: Facebook / CLAW

It turns out that the dog, named Belle, was infested with blood-sucking ticks. They were especially bad around her ears and eyes. And the vet couldn’t remove them all at once or Belle would’ve lost a lot of blood.

Image Source: Facebook / CLAW

Knowing that it would take a while for Belle to heal, the CLAW team realized what they needed to do. They took Belle under their care and made sure she got the love and nourishment she needed.

Then just days later, something incredible happened…

Image Source: Facebook / CLAW

Belle’s ticks disappeared and the CLAW team was able to wash her.

Day by day, Belle became more alert and her beautiful black coat returned.

A few weeks later, Belle was adopted, and now she is receiving the love and attention she deserves.

Image Source: Facebook/Claw

I’m so glad Belle finally got a loving home!

I shed a little tear of joy thinking about how much better Belle must feel now that she can run around and play as much as she wants — without worrying about when she’ll have her next meal.

Image Source: Facebook / CLAW

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