Чт. Июл 18th, 2024

Dogs are such caring and emotionally intelligent animals. They are able to form real friendships with other dogs, and look after their friends when they’re in need.

That’s what one viral video shows: after a dog’s best friend is injured, he stays by her side every step of the way.

In a video shared by the YouTube channel Pets In Love, a stray dog in Azerbaijan was struck by a car and lays injured on the ground. While no one stops to help the dog, her male companion stands guard over her, looking visibly worried.


Finally, a passerby stops to help. He gives the dog a shirt, and the male dog places it over his injured companion like a blanket. The passerby called a rescue team and they waited for help.


The rescue team arrives, and after gaining the dogs’ trust, they take both dogs to the vet. As the injured female receives medical care, the male dog stays in the room and never takes his eyes off his friend.


The dogs, now named Max and Ruby, were kept together in the same room as Ruby began her recovery. After one month, Ruby started walking again, which was no doubt a great relief to her partner Max.

According to Pets In Love, Max and Ruby got a happy ending: they were adopted and now live together in the United States — “living a wonderful and happy life!”

Watch the video below:

These dogs have the most beautiful friendship — if only more humans were this loyal and loving. We’re so glad they’ve found a home together ❤️

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