Чт. Май 23rd, 2024

Fans of The Sopranos have had quite the surprise after star of the iconic series Drea de Matteo announced that she has started an OnlyFans account.

The star made the announcement on her Instagram account, to the delight of fans.

She became widely known for her role as Adriana La Cerva in The Sopranos between 1999 and 2006, and has made a number of centuries off the back of her role in the iconic series.

Previously, de Matteo had jokingly teased starting an OnlyFans page back in September 2022, posting a video with the caption: «Only Fans page coming soon jk.»

But it seems that ultimately the actor, 51, would be opening up a page on the platform, which is known as a website where people can post steamy content behind a paywall.

de Matteo will charge $15 per month to access the content on the account, which she teases on her social media post.

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Drea de Matteo has started an OnlyFans. Credit: Instagram/@dreadematteo
Drea de Matteo has started an OnlyFans. Credit: Instagram/@dreadematteo

The profile picture features a photo of de Matteo wearing nothing but a pair of high heeled cowboy boots and sitting on a mattress smoking a cigarette.

Meanwhile, the banner for the site features a close-up of the actress’ cleavage, while the words ‘THE SOPORNOS’ are written in the bio, perhaps in a subtle hint as to the contents of the account.

Fans of the actress have already taken to social media to express their excitement over the announcement.

One wrote: «Look I’ve never subscribed to an Onlyfans before and really haven’t been tempted to, but Drea de Matteo is now on there and I’m currently rethinking my entire life. Y’all don’t understand. She was my crush.»

Another posted: «If getting in on the ground floor of Drea de Matteo’s OnlyFans is wrong I don’t wanna be right.»

Drea de Matteo in The Sopranos. Credit: HBO
Drea de Matteo in The Sopranos. Credit: HBO

The actress appears to have posted three times on the platform, according to reports, and already has at least 646 followers on the site.

A bit of math, accounting for the 20% cut that the platform takes, means she may have already earned more than $7,700 from the account.

Not bad for three posts!

De Matteo has often leaned into her success from the The Sopranos, having previously released a t-shirt line with the slogan ‘Adriana f*cking la Cerva’ on the front, with the ‘R’ being replaced by a pistol.

The Sopranos ran from 1999 to 2007.