Вт. Май 21st, 2024

Aspinall Foundation works to bring gorillas in captivity back to their natural environment. The Foundation is managed by Damian Aspinall, who in the past 10 years has seen hundreds of gorillas returned to the wild. Throughout this time, one gorilla came to have a special place in his heart: Kwibi. Damian took care of Kwibi until he was 5-years-old, when he was released back into the jungle. No one thought the two would ever see each other again. But 5 years later, Damian decided to look up his old friend, even though everyone warned him that Kwibi would likely have started to adapt to the wild and would behave aggressively towards anyone that tried to approach him. This video reveals what happens when the two friends meet for the first time in half a decade. The result is simply amazing – within seconds I felt warm in my chest. Watch their moving reunion below.


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