Вс. Июн 16th, 2024

It always hurts to hear about animals in distress, but the silver lining is that there are also people out there who are willing to do everything they can to stop the abuse of animals.

Just look at this dog, Diesel, who was chained up in the cold for four years, his paws bloodied and frozen during the long winters. Thankfully, the right people found out about him, and now, he’s been given a second chance at living the good life.

Meet Diesel, who was found living a life that no dog deserves. For four long years, he was chained outside in Yukon, Canada, where winter temperatures often stay well below freezing.

YouTube / AnimalAdvocates

While Diesel was chained up, he never got any warmth or love—and instead was often beaten by his owner, and even attacked by other animals.

YouTube / AnimalAdvocates

Fortunately, animal rights organization Animal Advocates heard about Diesel and saved the dog from a life of misery.

Diesel was flown to a rehabilitation center, where he got a lot of tender loving care.

YouTube / AnimalAdvocates

And the organization even enrolled him in classes so he could learn to trust humans again and prepare to be adopted by a loving family.

YouTube / AnimalAdvocates

Watch a video about Diesel’s transformation here:

Thanks to these animal lovers, Diesel was rescued from his misery and given a new life filled with love and warmth.

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