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A paralyzed dog struggling across the beach instantly caught the attention of Canadian tourist Meagan Penman.

The pup, who was dragging itself across a beach in Thailand, was malnourished with wounds all over its legs and had been ignored by the locals.

What Meagan did next makes her a true animal hero and her story has been shared by thousands touched by her generous deeds.


Back in 2014, the Canadian model was on vacation in Thailand when she spotted the struggling hound dragging itself across the beach.

The dog had been hit by a motorcyle and his owner had done nothing to provide the pup with the medical care it desperately needed.

She tried to find a shelter that could take him in but was unsuccessful, so, worrying that the dog didn’t have long left to live took him to a local vet.

There X-rays showed his spine was broken.

The extent of his injuries meant she had zero chance of getting him into a rescue center locally so began working to find a way to bring him back home to Canada.

She posted an appeal on social media and before long hundreds of generous animal lovers had donated over $2,000, enough to get him overseas and the help he needed.

Calling the dog Leo, presumably for his lion-like strength in surviving against the odds, his story even made local news headlines.

Leo was calm and happy throughout his entire ordeal and after two months of treatment Leo was ready to go to his forever home.

Due to her job and living situation, Meagan couldn’t offer Leo the home he so desperately needed.

Thankfully dog lover Jamie offered to foster him via Leo’s Facebook page.

K9 Carts, a pet mobility rehab center, helped him get his own doggie wheelchair so he could walk again and thanks to generous online donations all his vet bills and care was covered.

Leo behaved so well throughout his struggles, showing himself to be the most sweet-natured of dogs.

Unfortunately, he still has problems with his urinary tract, despite many operations.

So until a proper solution is found, he has to wear a doggy diaper.

Leo had only weeks left to live when Meagan found him but thanks to her huge heart and her compassion, this dog was given a second chance to enjoy a long and happy life.

He is even showing signs of future mobility thanks to his expert care.

Leo getting some cuddles

Posted by Help Save Leo on Monday, December 1, 2014

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