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I’ve heard a lot of stories about dogs who’ve saved people’s lives. But this one went straight to my heart.

It all began with a horrible accident. Shannon Lorio drove off a road in southern Georgia and was lying bloody and unconscious in her car.


The accident happened on a lonely road and no other drivers had seen what happened. The car was set back from the road and it would be a long time before anyone would find Shannon there.

After the accident, Shannon fell unconscious and didn’t know how long she was in the car. When she finally woke up again, she felt like there was a “huge presence” next to her and felt breathing on her face. When she opened her eyes, she saw a large dog.

“I’d never seen him. But he came across me and I thank God that he did,” she says.

The dog started licking her face and pulling at her clothes. Shannon went unconscious again, and when she woke up again, the dog had pulled her halfway out of the car. He continued pulling on her and refused to give up. Eventually, the dog moved her outside, and with his help, she was able to stand up.

“I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself up, and it was the first time I stood up.”

Then finally, a car came down the road and Shannon was able to get help.

An ambulance took Shannon to a hospital, where doctors discovered she had a brain hemmorage. But luckily, her injuries didn’t require surgery. Now, Shannon is convinced that the dog saved her life.

But this story doesn’t end there. After the dog saved the Shannon, a dog trainer took him in. Now he’s being trained to be a search and rescue dog—and it’s exactly what he was born for! He loves his training, and his trainer hopes that one day he can help search for disaster survivors.

What a hero!

Reading about this dog really warms my heart. Dogs are so much wiser than you think!

Watch this video to hear Shannon tell the amazing story:

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