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It should be normal to celebrate diversity and unique differences among people wherever you live. Imagine how boring it would be if everyone behaved and looked the same.

In recent years, a lot of programs have been started to improve diversity. The overarching message is unmistakable: those who break from “the standard” are just as capable of incredible feats as everyone else. Certain industries have indeed performed better than others.

Ask Kennedy Garcia, a baby with Down syndrome who was advised to enter an institution by doctors. Kennedy’s mother was told by doctors in Colorado Springs that her daughter would have a very low quality of life as an adult because of her Down syndrome. They feared she could require adult diapers and decided it would be best for her if she were placed in a facility with specialized care so she could live in peace.

Renee Kennedy, Kennedy’s mother, decided to kick everyone out of the hospital room. Time has proven that she was correct when she firmly insisted that she would not abandon her child. Since then, Kennedy has taken part in state-level competitions and posed for famous businesses across the nation. She fought the disease with a steely drive and unflinching perseverance, and she also beat leukemia.

I was heartbroken to learn Kennedy had the issue the night she arrived because I had only been given a dismal, depressing picture created by doctors and nurses who had no idea what my child’s future held, said Renee.

I lost all hope until a wonderful midwife told me the next night that Kennedy was lovely and looked like her daughter, who also had the problem.

Because I had no idea what the disease included, I asked her child whether she could walk, and she just laughed. She had a naturally mobile sixteen-year-old daughter.

Kennedy has demonstrated that challenges can be overcome. She has modeled for Justice Clothing and American Girl, and she is represented by KMR Diversity and Dream Talent Management. She frequently travels to Los Angeles and New York to attend castings for movies and modeling jobs, but she much prefers to spend time with her Down syndrome-affected boyfriend Matthew.

Renee and Kennedy have been attending classes in order to inform kids of all ages about Down syndrome and how they may support individuals who have it. With more than 130,000 Instagram followers as of right now, Kennedy is quickly growing her social media fan base. We’re all incredibly proud of her and everything she’s accomplished, Renee added. She is a remarkable young woman, and we are all really fortunate to have her in our lives.

This motivational story emphasizes the value of keeping upbeat in the face of adversity and relates the amazing story of a young girl who would not allow anything to get in the way of her goals. Kennedy’s tale amuses us, and we wish her luck in the future.

View Kennedy’s extremely uplifting tale in the video below!