Пн. Июл 22nd, 2024

Home is where your heart is, they say, and different people have different perspectives of what an ideal home should look like. While most of us dream of big and comfy houses with many bedrooms, a garden, and even a pool, some find pleasure in residing in unique and unusual homes, just like retired engineer Bruce Campbell who bought a plane and turned it into a home.


The Boeing 727-200 was used as a Greek aircraft until the mid-1960s. What Campbell learned later on was that the plane was in fact the one Jackie Kennedy Onassis used to transfer the body of her second husband, Aristotle Onassis, to its final resting place in March of 1975. Aristotle passed away in France, but was buried in his homeland of Greece.

The plane used to belong to Olympic Airlines, which was later renamed to Olympic Airways by Aristotle, who bought the Greek state airline (then called T.A.E.) in July of 1956.

Turning the plane into a place to live cost Campbell around $218,000. However, the inside doesn’t resemble a typical home as he did his best to keep most of the original plane’s equipment intact. For example, he uses the cockpit as a place to study.

What made Campbell buy the plane and turn it into a home was his desire to save the aircraft from being sold as scrap metal.

“My goal is to change humanity’s behavior in this little niche,” Campbell told Greek Reporter.

If you take a look of the inside, you will see two functioning toilets, a functioning makeshift shower area, a living space, a workspace, and a kitchen.

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