Ср. Июл 24th, 2024

The farmer plants a banana and an egg in the hole he prepared himself for some tomato seeds. The procedure may initially seem strange, but the results are astounding. Initial results can be seen a few days after planting. The advantages of using this unconventional planting technique are numerous.

The egg and banana the man placed into the hole before digging it has gone famous online, spreading throughout the entire world. The video received nearly 1.2 million views.

Since its release, the strange video has gone viral online as people try to figure out the man’s motivations. Others think he was just curious to see what would happen, while some have speculated that he was aiming to invent a new kind of banana and egg sandwich.

The man in the photos is unusually fertilizing his veggies. He digs a hole in the ground and places an uncooked egg and a banana with its shell still inside.

He then plants the tomato seedlings on top of them and covers them with soil. According to this method, the veggies develop more robustly and larger.

Over time, the egg and banana will decompose and release the supposed “magic nutrients” essential for vegetable seeds. The man switched to a very efficient natural fertilizer that only needed two ingredients instead of chemical fertilizers, which are detrimental to the soil, vegetables, and human health.

He discovered that the egg and banana mixture makes a fantastic fertilizer for the garden’s vegetables. This organic fertilizer is more affordable and eco-friendly than chemical fertilizers. Being free of toxic chemicals is also helpful for our health.

Consumers run a major risk if food is contaminated with dangerous substances due to excess fertilizer. Chemical fertilizers can damage the soil and the plants produced there, as well as the fruits and vegetables.

Finding the right balance between utilizing the right amount of fertilizer to enable healthy growth and avoiding too much can help protect the environment and people’s health.

Chemicals used in fertilizers have the potential to reduce food flavor and eventually harm plants. Fertilizers have the potential to weaken plants and increase their susceptibility to disease and pests, which complicates plant growth and development.

Natural fertilizers come in various forms, so applying them as frequently as possible is a good idea. Ash, manure, and vegetable waste are examples of natural fertilizers that can be affordable. This is well illustrated by the example of the egg and banana.

You can see the video of the process itself right below, where the man in question uses the egg and banana combination.