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Man’s best friend is his dog. In addition to being entertaining companions, they also provide valuable protection. No matter how old they are.

The dog in this tale would not allow the baby to sleep in a separate room. They contacted law enforcement after the parents learned the reason.

Jessy, David, And Benji

As could be expected, it all began with David and Jessy’s pregnancy announcement.

It was wonderful news because they had wanted children for a long time. Nonetheless, Benji, their puppy, posed a dilemma.

Although Jessy had heard tales of dogs who refused to accept a new infant in the family, they had high hopes that she would react well when the baby arrived.

Though they hoped it wouldn’t be the case with Benji, they didn’t want to be in a position where they had to give her up.

When Benji discovered that Jessy was expecting, he started barking at her stomach. Now Jessy was really worried.

What’s The Dog Doing?

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They couldn’t for the life of them figure out why Benji had changed his ways suddenly.

She may have sensed something was off with the infant, and that frightened everyone.

That it made her feel unsafe or endangered in some other way. The situation, in Jessy’s opinion, required investigation before it got out of hand. They eventually took Benji to the vet.

She hoped she wouldn’t have to make a tough decision between her dog and her baby.

A Complicated Choice

They would have to give up Benji if they had to pick between him and their child.

They hoped it wouldn’t come to that, though. It would be anything but a simple choice. The veterinarian was not very helpful. It appeared that Beji had no problems at all.

However, they cautioned that she should get checked out because Benji might sense that anything is wrong with the baby.

Seeing The Doctor

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As soon as Jessy called, the doctor told her to come in. Jessy decided to contact her pal Anne.

Taking her to the doctor was a breeze because she was always there for her.

The front desk staff waved them in, and Jessy was quickly taken back for an ultrasound.

Additional tests were conducted, and they were all successful.

There was nothing physically wrong with Benji, but that just piqued Jessy’s interest in the matter.

A Helpful Babysitter

After this, Jessy appeared to utterly lose it.

When the kid finally arrived, it looked like she’d have to make a decision. But Anne was there to comfort her and listen to her woes. And she said she was available to assist out with the baby if needed.

She would be available and happy to watch her kid.

Welcome, Lily

Knowing she had a friend like Anne who would step in and provide a hand brought some much-needed solace to Jessy.

Jessy and David’s daughter Lily was born a few weeks later.

Benji’s behavior was still odd, although it was slightly different than previously.

Jessy and David stayed at home for the first several weeks after Lily was born so that they could focus on caring for their newborn daughter.

At this point, Benji appeared to have settled down, so his parents went back to work.

However, when Anne was caring for Lily, she called them with some shocking news.

Staying By Her Side

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Anne was watching Lily, but Benji wouldn’t let her sleep alone while he was there. Jessy expressed her confusion to David, but he didn’t give it any thought.

He felt it was adorable that Benji was watching out for Lily. But then Anne called again, this time sounding utterly distraught.

When Anne returned downstairs after going upstairs to separate Lily and Benji, Benji had attacked her.

David realized he had to take action against Benji to deter a repeat performance.

What’s Off?

David took Benji back to the vet, but the results were discouraging.

They insisted that they find out what was upsetting Benji right away, or else remove her to a shelter. There was something odd, but David still didn’t want to get rid of Benji.

The veterinarian gave the impression that the couple was to blame for whatever happened.

When you think about it, why was Benji so worried about Lily sleeping alone? David knew they weren’t the problem, but he started to worry anyway.

Watching Them Together

A group of people gathered to observe Lily and Benji to learn more about their dynamic. Benji, though, seemed to have won Lily’s heart. And Benji felt the same way, too.

They were so close that was hard to think that she was the reason of Benji’s behavior. But whenever Lily nodded off, Benji was right there to comfort her.

David was perplexed but didn’t think it was too far-fetched. And then Anne called again, this time seeming quite concerned. Benji bit her, she claimed. David then had an epiphany.


Benji’s bad behavior was limited to when Anne was present. David told Jessy about his worries, but she told him he was being dramatic for no reason.

Anne wasn’t the issue, she said, because Benji wouldn’t let Lily sleep alone. But did you really believe that?

Installing Monitoring Equipment

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However, Jessy thought it would be a good idea to put cameras all over the house just in case.

Anne seemed nervous when they first mentioned the cameras. Already, David had lost faith in her.

David watched the first few days of tape and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

Benji was being overly cautious, as per usual, but he seemed to have Anne’s best interests at heart.

Anne had earned none of her trust.


He finally gave up one day. He shouted at Anne and demanded to know why she was mistreating her child.

Anne wasn’t amused and said that Jessy’s pregnancy had brought out the worst in the dog.

Jessy eventually showed up, of course. She couldn’t believe her partner was accusing her best friend of hurting Lily, and she was furious at David for questioning Anne about it.

Jessy warned that they would have to remove Benji to a shelter if he didn’t figure out what was bothering her.

Looking Over The Footage

That’s when David had an epiphany of sorts. Anne claimed that Benji’s wild behavior only occurred at night.

He had not yet watched the film from the midnight.

His investigation, however, revealed that the relevant footage had been erased.

To safeguard the nighttime recordings, he created an encrypted copy.

The next day, as he was checking his backup, he observed something scary coming in through the baby’s window.

Totally Confused

David was suffocating. The shock had an effect on him. However, he continued to observe.

He couldn’t believe what he was witnessing, but he knew he had to get in touch with the authorities right now. David invited Jessy back to the house by calling her.

The police weren’t too late to the scene. When David showed Jessy the footage she had demanded to see, she sobbed.

Good Girl

A police officer complimented David and Jessy on their puppy. Something was off, and she picked up on it immediately.

The camera had made Benji’s actions against Anne clear, and the authorities now needed to find Anne.

They posed queries to her. She didn’t pick up when they called her. Where did she go?

Sniffing Something Out

Benji was found at the time in Lily’s bedroom. When the police arrived, she bolted towards a wall and began barking at it.

The cops instantly saw the significance of that. They smashed the wall down with a sledgehammer.

They hadn’t even informed the homeowners, the situation was that pressing. It was ultimately worthwhile, though. There was a secret storage area.


The Reality

After discovering a safe in the secret compartment, they removed its contents.

They started a background search on Anne Anderson while waiting for the safe cracker to arrive.

It turned out that Anne wasn’t there. Jessy’s supposed friend turned out to be a complete fabrication.

Again, Jessy was unable to process the news and burst into tears.

Her trusted companion of ten years turned out to be a phony. What exactly was taking place?

Getting In The Safe

Benji never left Lily’s side, yet he never stopped barking at the safe.

Everyone was taken aback when the safecracker made his break-in. Passports, IDs, money, and jewelry were all recovered.

When the cops opened one of them, Jessy was taken aback to discover Anne’s face staring back at her.

Who Was Anne?

Anne wasn’t Anne, they concluded. She was actually a wanted spy wanted in 17 different countries.

Since David oversaw a national security firm, he had access to the country’s entire security infrastructure.