Пн. Апр 15th, 2024

Salma Hayek is known for her many roles in film and television, but also for her enduring beauty.

The actress, now 56, recently shared a bikini pic that amazed her social media followers. Like many, we wondered what kept her looking so young. The answer might surprise you…


Famous women above the age of 50 still can take anyone’s breath away. No one proves this more than Salma Hayek, an age-defying Hollywood star who recently wowed the Internet with her bikini pictures and incredible body.

With over 24 millions Instagram followers, it is no surprise that the actress garnered endless likes and comments when she shared pictures of herself emerging from the ocean and onto a boat at sunset – taking our breath away.

“Every time I need to feel renewed, I jump into the ocean,” captioned the star, following with a Spanish translation of the next sentence.

Hayek received over 2 million likes and over 16 thousand comments from her fans for the images of herself in a yellow bikini.

Many commenters focused on how amazing the actress looked at the age of 56.

It was a few years ago that Hayek spoke about her habit of drinking a daily cup of bone broth, which she says ’’is very good to keep yourself young.’’

At the same time, however, this very healthy, nutritional drink can sometimes be “disgusting.”

To make it yourself, the start explained, you must “take a bunch of bones from a cow, and you slow cook them for many, many hours.’’ Eventually, she adds a tablespoon of apple cider.

Hayek explained that the drink “helps to restructure the tissues of your skin, your hair, and your nails.’’

Previous to this, Hayek has openly discussed that she does not do any typical celebrity cosmetic procedures such as Botox. The star has also discussed that she does not have any especially challenging exercise routines or training, and considers her walks with her dogs.

She is, however, a fan of “restorative yoga”, where she can exercise “in a way where the muscles are activated all day long.’’


We are truly impressed by the healthy choices Hayek is recommending to her peers! What do you think about her ability to stay looking so toned and healthy at her age? Let us know in the comments!