Чт. Май 23rd, 2024

After climbing Mount Blanc, the climber was shocked to see what appeared to be a box in the ice at a height of 4,800 meters. Gems were housed in the rusting box. The man walked downstairs and started looking through the archives because he was curious about the background of the thing that had appeared upstairs.

The climber quickly deduced that the box had come from an aircraft that had vanished over the mountains more than 50 years prior. The climber was able to follow the plane thanks to the box’s «made in India» inscription. Archival sources indicate that an Indian airliner indeed vanished over this region of the Alps in 1966. The guy did not hoard the loot for personal use. Like a good Frenchman, he brought the box to the police. The local government also followed the rules; for eight years, they searched for the true owner of the jewels or his kin.

But nobody discovered them. In accordance with current regulations, Chamonix (the municipality where Mont Blanc is located) officials split the climber’s discovery in half. Each one costs around 150 thousand euros, or 12 million rubles. The climber’s discovery of the riches excited several people. Mont Blanc has received contact from fortune-hunters who also want a piece of the loot.