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Sahar Tabar, a young Iranian actress whose real name is Fatemeh Khishvand, is well-known throughout the Middle East.

She became well-known after undergoing considerable plastic surgery to look more like Angelina Jolie.

On the internet, there has been a lot of discussion and criticism of the extreme changes Tabar had, including liposuction and rhinoplasty.

She was given the moniker “Iran’s Zombie Angelina Jolie” after being found guilty of a crime and given a ten-year prison term.

She looked like Zombie Angelina Jolie

Tabar, a 19-year-old, reportedly underwent more than 50 surgeries. It was an attempt to give her a unique appearance.

She never openly acknowledged it, but her fans always imagined she desired to be like Angelina Jolie. She even shared self-portraits on social media showcasing her radically altered appearance.

She had bony cheekbones, angular lips, and a reworked nose. Although some have theorized that the images may have been digitally or severely altered, it is unknown how many of these surgeries were actually performed.

The “lookalike” of Angelina Jolie rose to fame after posting pictures of her peculiar looks on social media. Nearly 4 million Instagram users followed Sahar.

@sahartabar official was her previous Twitter username, however it has since been changed. Her mother disapproved of both her usage of social media and the shocking images of her as a zombie Angelina Jolie.

Sahara, however, asserts that she aspired to be a star. That is why she persisted. She said, “Cyberspace was an easy method. It was considerably simpler than getting a job as an actor.

It is clear that this is not how she really looks

Sahar paints her face in a different, funnier way for each new photo she posts, according to an interview she provided to the Russian news source Sputnik.

I paint my face in an increasingly bizarre way with each photo I post. It is an artistic form of self-expression. My supporters are aware that this is not my true face.

I didn’t even consider trying to be like Jolie, she continued. I also didn’t want to look like the Corpse Bride from cartoons. Now that I realize it, I have a connection to them, but because I am a muse, remembering someone is not a goal in and of itself.

As a result, her followers and anybody else who has heard her story are currently in chaos. Supposedly pornographic Instagram photographs of Angelina Jolie resulted in her incarceration this next October, according to Zombies.

She was also charged with breaking the strict dress code that governs women in the nation, buying property illegally, instigating violence, having a bad influence on young people, and earning money unlawfully.

She was sentenced to 10 years in prison, a severe punishment for such a young woman. She wasn’t merely detained; Qarchak Prison was where she was brought. This is reputedly the toughest prison a woman might be held in.


An activist has issued a request for the “genuine” Angelina Jolie to intervene

Masih Alinejad, an activist from Iran, took to social media to express her outrage after learning about the “Zombie Angelina Jolie” case.

Only 19 years old, Sahar Tabar. She was arrested due to her joke. Every day she weeps for the release of her helpless daughter. We need Angelina Jolie to speak up in this situation. Assist us.

Sahar was freed from prison following her 14-month sentence. This is demonstrated by the recent imprisonment and mistreatment of Mahsa Amini by Iranian authorities for wearing her headscarf inappropriately.

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