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Back in 2021, country music singer, songwriter, and actor Toby Keith was diagnosed with cancer, but wasn’t right away that he disclosed the news with the fans. In fact, he only opened about his illness a year later and explained how he had been receiving chemo treatments during the six months following the diagnosis.


Throughout the entire time, his wife of forty years, Tricia Lucus, has been by his side.

The two met at a bar while he and his band were performing and they spent the night dancing together. At the time, Lucus was a 19 years old working as an oil company secretary and had a child she was raising on her own.

Speaking of Keith, she said that what attracted her to him was that “He was one of those larger-than-life guys, full of confidence.”

The couple tied the knot on March 24, 1984, after three years of dating. Keith adopted Lucus daughter and the two also have children on their own.

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Keith wasn’t a famous name at that point. On the contrary, he worked various jobs at the same time and only performed when he had free time.

However, once he married, his wife knew he would make it big and and Keith went full-time on his music career and focused on making music and performing although it didn’t bring much money at that point. The couple did struggle financially, but Lucus supported her husband’s dream.

He would often tell his wife, “He’d say, ‘Trish, one of these days, my time is coming. Hang in there,’” and he was so right.

Those close to them would often tell Lucus to tell he husband to find a real job. But she would answer back because she believed in her husband’s qualities. “It took a strong-hearted and loving woman to say, ‘He’s good enough at his music that I’ve got to let him try,” Keith once revealed.


And as we all know, today, Keith is one of the best country singers America has ever seen and he’s making millions of dollars.

It was in June 2022 that the As Good as I Once Was singer decided break from the limelight and focus his time and energy on regaining his health back through treatments, chemo, and surgery.


Knowing just how much his fans support him, Keith makes sure he posts updates regarding his health condition. Just recently, he took the time to thank them for their love and support, writing, “Thank you all for your love and support. I have the best fans in the world.”

Recently, the multi-platinum-selling artist shared a major career update on his Instagram account, announcing that he’s acquiring the legendary bait and tackle brand, Luck E Strike. This came as a surprise to some, but we believe it’s a good thing he’s expending his business ventures and has things to keep him busy while he isn’t performing.


We wish Toby Keith only the best life brings.

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