Пн. Июн 24th, 2024

In order to create dance routines for this musical style, the Charleston was created. The first tune this dance can be linked to is «Runnin’ Wild» from 1923.

The video we provide in this article serves as an example of how we still dance it now. A sweet 82-year-old grandma shows how age is simply a number in the video in question. She walks into the kitchen with a weary, aged step at the start of the play while holding a stick.

He then reclines in a chair and consumes—or appears to consume—a supplement. The performance that will leave everyone speechless starts at that point. Granny stands up and quickly gestures to remove the bottom portion of the dress, revealing a skirt underneath.

She then dons a necklace and starts dancing the Charleston with the grace and ease of a teen. The YouTube video has received over three million views, a large number of «likes,» and user comments.

Many people praised the woman, and some questioned whether Granny had actually been a professional dancer when she was younger.It is a fact that dancing and exercise, in general, will keep you fit and healthy.

Watch the video here: