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Liv Teverino, an incredibly loving young lady of 16 years, lost her life in a horrific manner and now the entire community is mourning her loss.

On September 18, around 5:30 p.m, Liv’s vehicle, a 2016 Volovo XC90, crushed into a tree and engulfed in flames less than a mile from her school. Sadly, she couldn’t get outside because she was trapped inside the car.

“Once the fire was extinguished, they located the driver, now identified as sixteen-year-old Liv Teverino of Marietta trapped within the vehicle. Teverino did not survive the crash,” Marietta Police Department said.

Liv was loved by the entire community. She was described as “just the all-American kind of girl.”

Carla Manuel, a friend of the family, said of Liv, “She was such a sweet girl…She was a shining star. She would go out of her way to help everybody. It doesn’t matter who you are, she just always gave of herself. She’s gone too soon, way too soon.”


Marietta Mayor Steve Tumlin who knew Liv since she was young because she was friends with her granddaughter said, “We know she had a bright future.

“She had a bright presence, her sweet, beautiful presence touched our city and everybody she met.”

Liv was very popular among her friends. She was part of the Marietta High School International Baccalaureate Programme and was also a member of the state champion cross country team.

“There’s athletes, and then there’s great people, and she’s a great person,” her coach, Jack Coleman said, adding that a recent ankle injury prevented her from participating at the Cobb County Cross Country Championships the weekend before her death. “Liv was just a positive light on the team, just always so, so positive about everything on our team.”


Messages of grief came poring in on the social media.

Payton Konop, a friend of Liv, wrote she “was the most kind, beautiful, loving, and Christ filled girl you could meet.

“I feel like everyone expects us to say that, but there truly wasn’t a negative or judgmental bone in her body. She was there for me through everything. The bestest friend who always knew what to say.” Payton added: “She was creative and smart, always scoring higher than me on every test. I’m gonna miss the way she loved so deeply. Her kind soul that got taken home too soon.”

Others added to Payton’s comment, with one person writing, “Payton, this was perfect. Her joyous heart lives within all of us forever. I love you SO much, and I’m here for you, beautiful.” Another one added: “i love you so much pay, always here for you! i miss that sweet angel.”


Liv’s final post on social media consisted of photos of her from the summer. It showed just how much fun she had, and how loved she was by everyone she knew.

This young woman had a promising future in front of her and the way her life was cut short is nothing less than heartbreaking and tragic. May she rest in peace.

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