Чт. Июн 20th, 2024

Lewis Little, 25, and Lisa Lee, 25, fell asleep close to one another, and Lisa assumed she heard snoring.

“I shoved him out of bed to stop what I believed was snoring. But as I touched the moist sheet, I knew something wasn’t right. He couldn’t breathe, so I turned on the light and stared at his battered face. According to Metro.co.uk, the woman in anguish exclaimed, “I called the ambulance, but the time between my call and their arrival felt like a lifetime.

When the medics informed her that the guy had passed away a few hours prior and that the “snoring” she had heard was actually the sound of air leaving his body and contacting his vocal cords, she was astounded.

Lisa was aware of her husband’s heart ailment, Brugada syndrome. Although the physicians assured him that his life was not in danger and that he would live a long time, it appears that he passed away just a year after being diagnosed.