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Elizabeth Taylor, a legendary actress, had an incredible career spanning over 60 years. She was married eight times, making headlines each time for her public pronouncements and the ensuing gossip. She raised a family of four, and today all ten of her grandchildren are adults.

Pictures of celebrity offspring that resemble their famous parents’ appearances are commonplace. In some circumstances, they look so similar that you might mistake them for siblings.

However, famous people from the twentieth century do more than only have offspring. Many of them have now started having grandchildren, and some of the grandchildren appear quite similar to the grandparents.

One of the most famous actresses of all time, Elizabeth Taylor, has grandchildren who look just like her.

Despite her professional accomplishments, Taylor’s private life was frequently labeled as scandalous.

Elizabeth “Liz” Taylor, a famous actress, had an incredible career that lasted over 60 years. Despite her professional accomplishments, Taylor’s private life was frequently labeled as scandalous.

She had four children, Michael Wilding Jr., Chris Wilding, Liza Todd, and Maria Burton, and was married eight times to seven men. Two of those husbands were Richard Burton. Liz now counts 10 lovely grandchildren and four great-grandchildren as a result of her children growing up and starting families of their own.

Even though she was a legend, the legendary actress had a terrible final few years. ABC News reports that she had over 30 surgeries due to injuries, scoliosis, and skin cancer.

Taylor was hospitalized at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles in 2011 due to congestive heart failure. Six weeks later, on March 23, 2011, she passed away.

Taylor was fortunate enough to spend her final days with her children and grandkids at her Bel Air, Los Angeles, residence. There are currently ten of them, and many of them are doing great things to carry on Taylor’s legacy, so let’s meet them all!

Laela Wilding

Laela Wilding is Elizabeth’s firstborn, and her father, Michael Wilding Jr. She entered the world in 1971 and is currently based in Portland, Oregon, where she works as a graphic designer and yoga instructor. As a child, Laela lived in California with her grandma. Growing up, Laela Wilding spent a lot of time with her renowned grandmother because she was the first grandchild and there weren’t many other grandchildren to compete for attention.

Sundays and holidays were particularly common times for them to get together.

Laela, like many of Elizabeth’s grandkids, has recalled her grandma with affection in a number of interviews.

”She was that person who saw injustice and started talking about it and never stopped talking about it,” Laela told Today in 2021.

Laela also shared that her Oscar-winning grandma enjoyed spending time with the next generation by cutting their hair.

“She would look at you with a sidelong glance and say, ‘Oh honey get me the scissors.’ And she would start with a little snip here a little snip there. She was very artistic. She had a great eye,” Laela recalled.

Laela’s resemblance to her grandma has been noted by many over the years. Additionally, many believe she is a reincarnation of the actress who played Cleopatra in the 1963 film. Can you tell me what you think?


Naomi deLuce Wilding

Naomi deLuce Wilding was born in 1976, making her the younger sibling of Laela Wilding by a full five years. Naomi now works at the Los Angeles gallery she co-founded with her husband, the artist Anthony Gran’s Wilding Cran Gallery. Naomi is very involved with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, just like their sister, Elizabeth.

“She had an idea that she was responsible for raising the younger generations in the family, you know,” Naomi said about her grandmother. “It was important to her that she instilled those values in us, too.”

Not having seen Taylor in an acting role, she nevertheless held her grandma in the highest regard.

”I remember sitting on the floor of her dressing room and just watching her get ready — just [watching] this sort of transformation unfold. Just because somebody is a superstar doesn’t also mean that they can’t be a loving, squishy, delicious grandma who was always welcoming us in,” Naomi told Today.

Caleb Wilding

Caleb Wilding, Elizabeth Taylor’s first grandson, was born in 1983, making him her third grandchild overall. After Christopher Wilding and Aileen Getty experienced multiple miscarriages, they decided to adopt a child and named him Caleb.

Aside from the fact that Caleb apparently likes motorcycles and prefers to live a low-key existence, not much more is known about him.

Andrew Wilding

Andrew Wilding, Elizabeth Taylor’s second grandson, was born in 1984. Andrew, unlike his brother Caleb, decided to pursue a career in show business like their grandma. As an actor, he has appeared in various works.

Andrew, on the other hand, has opted to work mostly as a cinematographer and producer.

Tarquin Wilding

Born in Los Angeles, California, Tarquin Wilding is a native of the United States. He is the half-brother of Laela and Naomi and the seventh grandchild of Taylor’s.

Tarquin wanted to be an actor because of his renowned grandma. The films Silent But Deadly (2012), Shameless (2011), and In Between (2000) cemented his reputation as an actor (2009).

Tarquin describes himself as a dog and motorcycle loving aspiring filmmaker. He is active with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, like many of Taylor’s grandkids.

”My grandmother was a total badass! I can’t help but be inspired by her unbreakable courage, and boundless generosity. I want to continue her legacy, and be a part of the fight towards securing a better future for those living with HIV/ AIDS, and to one day see an AIDS free generation!”

Lowell Wilding

Lowell Wilding is Christopher Wilding’s son from his second marriage to Margaret Carlton, and he was born in 1991. Lowell’s current work on the Elizabeth Taylor Archive is one way he’s carrying on his grandmother’s legacy.

He also serves as a representative for her anti-HIV organization.

“I was always in total awe of the good my grandmother was able to accomplish in her lifetime. She could so easily have done nothing, like so many others. Instead she fought, she cared, and she worked for people suffering with HIV/AIDS. I hope to do whatever I can to preserve and continue that legacy,” he said.

Quinn Tivey

Liza Todd (Elizabeth Taylor’s third child) and Hap Tivey had a son named Quinn. In contrast to what his grandmother believed, he did not spend his formative years in the Pacific Northwest after his birth in 1986.

The Quarry was a steakhouse in Hudson Valley, New York, where Quinn worked as a busboy and waiter. He earned an MFA in filmmaking at the School of Visual Arts and afterwards studied film at USC. According to the New York Post, he did not remove his grandmother’s name off his USC application.

To follow, he got a job as an assistant on Ben Affleck’s The Company Men set in 2010. As it turned out, Quinn’s adult life path led her to pursue art. As a child, he looked up to and admired his grandma.

”I always knew her as grandma, but in her real life, she was still larger than life,” he said in 2019, according to The Morning Show. ”She was an amazing matriarch.”

In an interview with THR, he gushed about his grandma, but he made it clear that she was just his grandma, not Elizabeth Taylor.

“We would lay in bed together, watching movies, chatting — she would give me advice. Those are some of the ways I remember her most,” Quinn said.

The lives of Quinn and his grandmother Elizabeth Taylor were polar opposites. On the other hand, there is one thing they both have in common. The way they look.

The similarities between grandpa and grandma are unmistakable.

Rhys Tivey

Rhys Tivey is the ninth of Taylor’s grandkids.

Born in 1991, he spent his formative years with his parents, Happy Tivey and Liza Todd, in a small town in upstate New York. These days he makes a living as a trumpet player, singer, and songwriter. Naturally, Rhys is also a representative for the AIDS charity founded by his grandmother.

”Without concern for color, culture, or class, my grandmother would acknowledge the soul of every person she met and treat them with great respect. And yet she was never afraid to call out BS if she picked up on it. To reach the level of power and success she did and maintain a genuine concern for others’ wellbeing is truly admirable, and her legacy in the fight against HIV/AIDS embodies that humanitarian passion. Every day, I am inspired by the encouragement she gave me and so many other people,” Rhys says.

Elizabeth Carson

Although Elizabeth Taylor did not consider Elizabeth Carson to be a biological grandchild, she loved her dearly. She was born in 1982 and given her grandmother’s name.

Maria Burton, whom Taylor adopted, is the mother of Elizabeth Carson. In her mind, the beautiful Hollywood star who shares her name will always be a star.

”For my junior and senior prom, she did my hair and makeup,” she told Town & Country. “Once, while we were discussing makeup, I told her we should go to Sephora, which turned out to be a terrible idea. We had fun for the first 15 minutes, but then she was recognized, and we quickly had to be escorted out.”

Carson is currently based in New York City where she works as a social worker and represents the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation as an ambassador.

“I work for the Department of Child Protection in New York City, and, I have to say, whenever I hear of a baby born from an HIV+ mother test negative because of advancements in medication and prevention, I am literally brought to tears. I often say a silent thanks to my grandmother because if not for her and other advocates with her shared passion, this may not have been the case today.”

Richard McKeown

Taylor’s youngest and only remaining grandchild, Richard McKeown, is Maria Burton’s son.

Although not much is known about him, his mother apparently had a rough time with Richard’s father when she got a restraining order against him when Richard was little.

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