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In Italy, Sofia Vergara is celebrating her 51st birthday. She has talked about issues related to aging there. With her “best friends,” Sofia Vergara shared an Instagram photo on her 51st birthday in Italy. She made a joke about her age and proudly exposed her flawless beauty in the calm sea without any makeup.

“Waking up here on my 51st birthday!” the Colombian-American actress said. Although my knees hurt, I’m still in good health, full of dreams, enthusiasm, and joy for life! We appreciate the warm words, sir!

Despite being young, Sofia Vergara made fun of her knees.

Her well-known pals left birthday greetings for her and hilarious post comments. “I love you, Sofia,” Heidi Klum wrote. You are such a gift. Birthday greetings. Howie Mandel said, “Happy birthday. @heidiklum is very lucky to have you.

Joe Gonzalez, her ex-husband, and Manolo, her son, sent her birthday greetings. Manolo wrote, “Te quiero mucho.” For Sofia’s birthday, Manolo created a lovely film montage using her childhood pictures. “Happy 40th birthday! I adore you so much, Ma, and the following 40+10 years will only be better!

On the venerable comedy series, Jeremy Maguire, who portrayed Gloria Vergara’s adorable son, Joe Pritchett, also shared a cute picture of himself and his on-screen mother to mark the occasion. Love, Happy birthday. Love you always.

In honor of reaching 30 million Instagram followers, the America’s Got Talent judge celebrated on July 9.

A stunning photo of her posing in a lime green one-piece bikini against a blue sky and sea appeared in her post. “30,000,000 subscribers! Thanks a tonne! I appreciate your steadfast help. I appreciate your unwavering support during everything. Italy hugs!

Several people adore Sofia Vergara. One joked, “This woman is 25 years forever.” The most gorgeous woman in the universe, without a doubt, he declared.

The former CoverGirl model shared gorgeous Instagram pictures from her trip to Italy for her birthday. Her celebrations included brunch with friends, firecracker candles, gelato in the vehicle, and a romantic restaurant serenade.

The absence of Sofie’s spouse Joe Manganiello puzzled her supporters.

Vergara remembered to wish her blonde Chihuahua, Bubbles, a happy birthday despite the festivities. Happy 10th birthday, my darling, vicious Bubbles, she wrote. No matter how many times you nip at me, I love you.

After receiving “Happy Birthday Bubbles from Auntie Heidi,” Heidi Klum received a fan’s response, “She bites you because you’re sweet!!!” The positive outlook of Sofia Vergara makes 51 look fantastic. Thank you, Sofia, for informing your followers of your birthday!

We hate to inform you that after seven years of marriage, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello have divorced.

Some people could have predicted this and are now startled. claiming “I told you so” when this well-known Hollywood couple broke up. The pivotal moment came when Manganiello sent his estranged wife a lousy birthday greeting. It predicted their breakup.

The Instagram post was your standard happy birthday message. Happy birthday, Sofia! Manganiello said with an old photo of Vergara and herself having supper.

Commenters who paid attention saw something was off. Knowing the outgoing personalities of the two stars, fans questioned Manganiello’s claim. An alert follower said, “Something is off.” Her chilly note and two canine birthday tales. Sofia hasn’t even shown gratitude. Online investigators were correct.

It was peculiar that Sofia’s estranged spouse called her by her first name. One fan who was perplexed claimed that being addressed by name felt like being reprimanded. Another fan questioned whether the note was intended for a cousin or a coworker.

The posts for Sofia’s birthday in the past contrasted with those this year. He has previously shared adorable pictures of them. using “mi amor” a lot in captions. The birthday message from 2023 lacked such affection.

A week after the tweet, the couple confirmed fans’ fears when they revealed their separation to Page Six. Despite their intense affection and care for one another, they desired privacy while they adjusted to this new phase of their lives.