Пн. Май 27th, 2024

When I was a little girl, few things fascinated me more than tiny bird eggs. So delicate and sweet, we were careful to never step on them if we found them laying in our yard.

This clip, which has been seen a whopping 56 million times, proves I’m not the only one fascinated by this amazing miracle of nature.

Scroll down to witness it for yourself — you won’t be disappointed.


The video features a nest of an American robin’s eggs. The colorful blue hue of the eggs is thought to protect the embryo from sunlight.

Male robins commonly participate in feeding their babies alongside their mates, and this shared responsibility means robins can raise as many as 12 healthy babies each year.

American robin nests are made up of long grass, paper, twigs as well as feathers and mud. They are one of the first birds to sing when dawn emerges, and are known for their beautiful, soothing tunes. The lovely birds reside throughout North America, Southeastern Canada, from Florida to Mexico and along the Pacific coast.

In the video below, we watch as one tiny robin life eagerly begins to tap at its shell, anxious to discover the world outside.

Gradually, it works harder and harder to break free.

Soon enough, these baby birds will transform into proud adult robins, such as the one pictured below.


Watch the fascinating full process of birth in the video below. Four weeks later all birds were healthy and flew away!

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