Пт. Июл 12th, 2024
Nowadays, using Botox or lip fillers is extremely prevalent. Women frequently have treatments, and they also have short recovery periods.This 27-year-old woman was delighted to accept her reward when she won a free lip injection session.

The subsequent events, however, were nothing short of a nightmare.

Jessica Burko, 27, was on her way to her routine lip filler appointment when horrendous things happened. She now offers real guidance to any woman interested in lip enhancement. Burko is experienced with the procedure; she has had her lips filled six times.

Since it had been a year since she had her lips filled, she promptly accepted the free lip filler operation when she won it, reasoning that it was past due for a touch-up.

The consequences were devastating. The 27-year-old documented the entire experience in a video.

She described how, “I looked in the mirror immediately after he injected me and realized how swollen I was.”She went to the doctor right away, who issued her a prescription; but, as a result, her lips only “got worse.”

She decided to return to the clinic and have her fillers removed because the next day her lips were still puffy. Fortunately for Burko, the harm could be repaired, and her lips returned to their original form.

The influencer, however, wanted her scary experience to serve as a reminder to everyone to ’’never do free cosmetics.’’ She noted the free procedure’s timing, ’’It was a free giveaway that I won; it was for Halloween.’’ She then added as a joke, ’’He certainly had me looking very scary.’’

Burko responds in the negative when asked if this will prevent her from having her lips filled again.

“I will be back to my regular girl,” she shared. According to Burko’s regular lip filler, the fateful mistake the other lip filler might have made is that he could have ’’hit an artery,’’ which seemed like a plausible reason considering it ’’did not have a clear path to follow.’

The influencer issued a warning to all, saying, ’’If your lips look how mine did, you should be concerned. Get them instantly dissolved and go to someone else.’’

This incident is very terrifying. Thankfully, there was no damage, but if caution hadn’t been used, things would have become lot worse! What do you think this tale merits? Please tell us in the comments.

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