Ср. Июл 24th, 2024

This is the story of a woman named Elaine Copper, 56 years old from Great Britain, and her dog.
The woman has as a pet a two-year-old Labrador female dog.

After a while, the dog became pregnant so the woman made all the necessary preparations to ensure that her dog would give birth in optimal conditions. When the day came for her to give birth, Elaine was alone at home with her dog and had to assist her at birth.

Everything was going according to plan, only when the first puppy appeared, did the woman feel a real shock. His fur was green. The woman had never seen a green puppy before and was absolutely amazed. After the birth of the first puppy, 3 more white puppies were born.

Fortunately, all 4 puppies are perfectly healthy, and now they are out of any danger.

Elaine did not understand how a puppy could be green. The answer to her question has not yet been found.

Below you can see some photos with the special puppy, but also with the other puppies.