Вс. Июл 21st, 2024

Once, a regular American made a choice that would change their entire existence. Tristan has been collecting tattoos ever since he got his first one a few years ago.

Right now, a meticulous ink artwork covers Tristan. He recently surprised his admirers by sharing pictures of himself before making changes. Tristan’s buddies were initially baffled since they couldn’t recognize him in the old photos.

Tristan didn’t look at all like himself in those old pictures. He was redheaded and blue-eyed, with a classic Hollywood look. Because he looked so amazing, Tristan’s fans showered him with love in the comments section and urged him to hunt for job in Hollywood.

But even with all the love, there were many who could not hide their sadness.

A few of the American’s irate friends said, “He ruined himself.”