Вт. Июл 16th, 2024

Users across Reddit have been sharing images of weird and wonderful objects that they’ve found.

But many people have been left dumbfounded as to exactly what they are!

Keep reading to see the bizarre objects that are leaving the internet baffled…


Firstly, this silver metal spring with pink plastic ends left many people confused:

But, as it turns out, it’s a unique device for hair removal. Like tweezers, which pull the hair out from the root by plucking, this device also gets rid of unwanted hairs as it is rolled across the area, ripping the hair out as it goes. Ouch!


Next was a slightly suggestive looking glass object, which this Redditor said was “made of glass and threaded like a screw. Has two anchor points that jut out and the top has an indent.”

Someone apparently found it near an electric sign that hung on a building. It eventually turned out to be a neon light support, much to the surprise of many Redditors who thought it looked a little like something else…


This leather paddle-looking thing has a strap that wraps around the back of your hand. No one was sure what it was used for.

Eventually, someone revealed that it is called a Blackjack and is used for self-defense.


This small metal crown confused many people, with the user describing the object as “3.2 inches high, silver-plated, thin material. Shaped like a crown.”

One person revealed that it was actually a spoon holder that hooks onto the edge of the bowl.


One of the more questionable objects was this strange padded satin cloth with ribbon ties either side.

Many people wondered whether it was used for a beauty case, or even a sanitary pad, but one person said it was neither. In fact, it’s a hanger cover, which is placed on wooden coat hangers to stop items slipping off.

What did you think about these unique objects? Were you able to guess what any of them were?