Пн. Июл 22nd, 2024

In December of last year, a TikTok video made by user @jimjimmie helped a missing dog in Malaysia find his owner.

The video showed a loyal dog patiently waiting outside a shop in Sembilan, even in the pouring rain. According to the shop’s owner, the dog had been waiting outside for four days straight, hoping for a reunion with his family.

Jim, who often shares videos of feeding stray animals, convinced the furry friend to come under the shade by offering some food. He said in the video, «Come here, dog… Come eat. Even if you don’t want to eat, please stand under the shade here.»

Bairava became part of Vaani's family five years agoSource: jimjimmie

After the video became viral, the dog’s owner, Vaani, saw it and immediately got in contact with Jim.

Vaani, a 40-year-old mom from Melaka, Malaysia, realized the dog, named Bairava, was the one she lost eight months ago after they were separated while Vaani was recovering from a sickness.

Bairava became part of Vaani’s family five years ago when they rescued her as a stray puppy. “She still didn’t know anything. If she fell into a drain, she wouldn’t know how to get back up,” she shared.

So that post became a special connection, linking the lost dog in the rain to a desperate owner who missed her dearly.

As Vaani shared Bairava’s story, it became clear how strong their bond was. The dog, used to being loved by Vaani’s family, disappeared without a trace. Despite a month of searching and calling her name in the neighborhood, they found no sign of their beloved pet.

She also said, “I walked around the neighborhood while screaming her name for a month. But I never saw her. People in the neighborhood knew me; some even asked why I was being so loud.”

The turning point came when her sister stumbled upon Jim’s TikTok video. Then, she drove around 2.5 kilometers to the area where her beloved pet was spotted waiting.

Finally, Bairava was reunited with her family. Happy tears, mixed with warm hugs, created an emotional reunion that touched everyone.

“I went there and called her name… We were all crying and hugging,” Vaani said.

Bairava’s story reminded people of an episode from the American animated TV series «Futurama» called «Jurassic Bark.» It’s about a loyal dog named Seymour waiting for 12 years in front of a pizza shop for his owner to come back.